Auraveda Panchakarma Centre

Auraveda is a center for alternative medicine, located in Kalkaji, New Delhi and is devoted to our age–old Indian system of medicine, Ayurveda, with holistic approach of health care. The Auraveda group provides genuine alternate medical health care in the field of Ayurveda; both in preventive and curative aspects to address various health problems caused by modern lifestyles. We offer a variety of treatment programs which includes rejuvenation therapies, various detoxification and clinical treatments along with beauty care packages in harmony with the principles of Ayurveda.

Our Mission

The strength of Ayurveda is in helping one to remain healthy, preventing diseases and retarding the ageing process. This concept is being harnessed through the various health programs being offered at Auraveda Panchakarma Centre. By providing the genuine quality services, we want to remove the fallacies from the minds of the people as well as to propagate the real practice of AYURVEDA worldwide.

Our Objective

After thoroughly considering the pathogenesis of disorder, an effective drug endowed with qualities will be administered, in such a way that disease may be alleviated without producing harmful side effects. That is why Ayurveda acharya Charaka has said that the therapy, which pacifies one disorder, but, at the same time, gives rise to some other disorder is not correct. The correct one is that which while pacifying a disorder does not excite the other one. So the drug & treatment modalities will be chosen in such a way that while alleviating the disorder it should not produce adverse side effects so that equilibrium is restored.

We whole-heartedly invite you to visit us at your convenience and it will be our pleasure and privilege to show you the way to live a better life.

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