Ayurvedic Doctor

Ayurvedic Doctor

At AURAVEDA we offer you a personalized assessment of tendencies towards diseases through an in-depth evaluation of your state of health, lifestyle practices, physical attributes, current and past environment, natural cravings, character and personality This will help you to understand your “Prakruthy” or unique constitution. It eventually helps in assessing and correcting the root causes of imbalances, and in modification of your lifestyle to heal body, mind, and spirit as a whole. .

What our Doctor checks:

Your diet, Recent illnesses (including reasons and symptoms), Your ability to recover (resilience).

Physical characteristics such as teeth and tongue, skin, eyes, weight, and overall appearance.

Pulse, Speech, Voice, texture, urinary status & defecation etc.

Benefits :

  • Based on each personalized consultation, our practitioner will recommend corrective and preventive steps to help you harmonize with your environment to treat the problems you have. A course of treatment integrating medication, necessary lifestyle modifications, yoga practices and diet advises will be recommended to ensure a holistic and permanent cure.

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