Obesity & Weight Management

Obesity & Weight Management

“स्थौल्य शस्य” - Obesity care: To Reduce overweight, obesity, and related health problems

Benefits :

  • Personalized approach to find out the causes of Obesity and treating the problem with pure herbal medicines and diet plans.
  • Helps to reduce weight and also in long term weight control to maintain a good health.
  • Reduces and prevents problems like hyperlipidemia, PCOS, Hypothyroidism, low energy etc.

Includes :
  • Udwarthanam (Therapeutic herbal powder scrubbing with Taila abhyanga-Oil Application)
  • Podikizhi (Special Bolus therapy with bundle of herbal powder)
  • Panchakarma – Nasya or Vasthy (as suggested by the doctor)
  • Virechana –(if suggested by the doctor)
  • Swedana (Herbal/ Normal steam bath)

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