Seasonal Detox-To Prevent Lifestyle Disorders

Seasonal Detox-To Prevent Lifestyle Disorders

Traditionally, Ayurveda advises that everyone should follow a seasonal routine (ritucharya) to preserve balance as the season change. This routine does not involve major alterations in your lifestyle, only a shift of emphasis. You should always maintain your ayurvedic daily routine-that remains of primary importance and continue to follow the diet that pacifies your major dosha(or the one specified by an Ayurvedic health practitioner)with certain variations to blend into the season.

VATA accumulates during the dry or dehydrating heat of the summer .It becomes aggravated during the rainy season which causes weakened digestion, acidic atmospheric conditions, and gas produced from the earth.

Favor warm food and drink, heavier food, and a more oily diet that you do during the rest of the year. Make sure your food is well cooked and easy to digest, accompanied by plenty of warm liquids(hot water or tea is best) Eat more of the sweet, sour and salty tastes and less of bitter, astringent and pungent. Avoid dry or uncooked foods(especially salads and raw fruits and vegetables)

PITTA accumulates during the rainy season due to the acidic conditions of the atmosphere and a weakened digestion. It is aggravated during autumn when the heat returns .This occurs after the cooling spell of the rainy season.

Agni is naturally low during hot weather, so you may find that your appetite decreases in summer. Respect this change by not over eating. Favor cool food and drink, but not ice cold. Your body will want more liquids in hot weather, but it is important not to douse the digestive fire by drinking cold liquids after a meal. Favor sweet, bitter and astringent tastes and reduces sour, salty and pungent ones.

KAPHA accumulates during the cold season due to the cold and damp caused by the winds, clouds, and rain. It gets aggravated during the spring when the warm weather liquefies the accumulating Kapha.

Favor a diet that is lighter, drier and less oily than during other seasons. Heavy dairy products (cheese, yogurt and ice cream) should be reduced, since they especially tend to aggravate pungent, bitter and astringent tastes and fewer with sweet, sour and salty tastes

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