For IT-Office-Goers

For IT-Office-Goers

About 70 to 80% our population is involved either directly or indirectly to IT and Management sectors. Definitely the huge pay packages and incentives are tempting and the worrying fact about this is its happening at the cost of their health. This can be named as Occupational Health Hazards in Medicine. Joint injuries, arthritic problems, Stress related diseases and of course lifestyle disorders like obesity etc follows this. These are of different stages for this stress related health hazards manifestations. Increased heart and respiratory rate, disturbed digestion, emotional imbalances, weakening of Immune system are seen in the beginning stages. Headache, sleeplessness, skin disorders, decreased sexual interest and increased infections due to collapsed immune system all happens in stage 2. Stress is the major reason even for skin diseases like Psoriasis. Ultimately one become irritable, aggressive, restless, inefficient and always withdrawn and moody with an uncontrollable urge to cry and finally leading to a mental collapse.


Benefits :

  • Reduce anxiety, stress
  • Promote sleep and good health
  • Reduce flab

Includes :
  • Mild Abhyangam (Head to toe oleation therapy with the Ayurvedic oil suggested by our Doctor)
  • Shirodhara (Dripping of specialized herbal oil on the forehead).

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